Welcome to Overnatning Langeland.

You will find us 3,5 km outside Rudkøbing on the road to Spodsbjerg.

We live in a old dairy from the year1896 in Gl. Skrøbelev.

It is in the old staff chambers we have made 6 dobbeltrooms with toilet and shower on each room

The prices starts from 40 € .

Free internet

There are no televisions



Dobbeltroom                52 €

Singleroom                  40 €

Ekstra bed                   25 €

Linen-packet pr. pers    10 €

Breakfast                    8,5 €

The room prices are without linen-packet and breakfast.

Receive only cash - no creditcards

About Overnatning Langeland

Bicycleturist ?

Rent a bike

Here you can rent a bike for 8 € a day

Please specify when booking the room if you want cycles


Find us by phone:  +45  29 44 79 17

Or : info@overnatninglangeland.dk

Find us

Adress : Spodsbjergvej 193 - 5900 Rudkøbing

You find us 3,5 km from Rudkøbing centrum in nice and quiet surroundings.

From A 9 turn right to Bagenkop. In the roundabout system turn position Spodsbjerg,

and Aqua- Overnatning Langeland is 1,5 km ahead in Gl. Skrøbelev on the left site.

Discover Langeland

We have everything in the most beautiful natural Beach, forest, marine, select and a huge fauna.

You are never further away than that, you can simply turn yourself on and see in one direction and you will experience the crisp feel of the finest natural.

We have the most beautiful "hatyebakker", the sparkling beaches and plenty of art and culture.

Rudkøbing is a cozy town where it oozes atmosphere and intimacy. Small retail shops with everything you need.

There are shopping opportunities everywhere on the island.

On the northern and southern tip, you can experience the real atmosphere of the harbour and fishing.

We have "Langelands Festival"  in week 30, where there will be 30,000 happy children and adults on the Midway Island. We have fun and loud music in a week.

Come and discover the island, standing on the other end.

Are you into art and culture,  Langeland has very much to offer.

Some of the biggest artist and inventors have beaten their leaflet on Langeland.


Are you to the cosy dining for all tastes?, Langeland have this palette to bid outl.

There is no reason to stay away ;-) -  We have so much to offer here on Langeland.

Give  yourself the chance to come to the island and experience what the rest of us "just" consider as a matter of course in our daily lives.

Any questions ?

We are here to help you and provide the best service- Sso if you have any questions  about  sights, Bush, experience opportunities, taxi ordering, ferry times, etc.